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2018 Resolution: Travel the World Like a Local

May Likealocal makes a suggestion for your travel resolution in 2018? We will not recommend you to travel the world like a local instead of a tourist. When you ignore the guidebook to explore your destination like a local, you definitely experience the area in your own way. No matter how many times you have visited the place, this approach will help you re-explore the locale with your new eyes.

Have a Local Friend

The ideal way to explore your destination like a local is to with some local friends. You can make one while you are in the there unless you have a local friend before. The local one who is familiar with the area will easily show you around, recommend you the special locality. Make use of their expertise!

Stay Like a Local

You can not live like a local if you stay in the four or five-star hotel. You should choose to stay with the local family through homestay or rent a home if you plan a long trip. By staying with a local people, you will feel more assimilated into the local culture than a normal hotel or resort ever could.

Travel Like a Local

Leave the tour bus aside, make use of public transportation instead. You should get around your destination like a local. If you go by a local taxi driver, pick his brain about local favourite spots for travelling and dining as well.

Eat Like a Local

You will not get a real taste of local cuisine in the five-star restaurant. Let’s try street food. We all love street food, right? That kind of inexpensive food may give you the most authentic experience. So we usually make a list of best local food of any destination we visited in our review.

Dress Like a Local

I usually do a bit of research on the fashion trends and traditional custom of the country we plan to go. As you are “camouflaged” as a local, you will blend in much more easily.

Have you been convinced to travel the world like a local in 2018? Share with us your 2018 resolution.